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Set your sex life up for success!

Whether you are about to get married, or have just gotten married, you want to ensure that your sex life is off to a great start on a solid foundation.

God created sex and He called it good. Sadly the church has not done a great job of giving people helpful, honest and biblical teaching to set you up for a great and fulfilling sex life.

In this video course, Pastors Alyn & AJ clearly lay out the most practical, step by step lessons to ensuring you have a great wedding night and a healthy sex life. For years they have taught this class in their local church but now for the first time, this same information is available online.

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When Lyle and I were about to get married, we had the privilege of sitting with Alyn and AJ to have “the talk”! We thought we knew what to expect on our wedding night but we learned so much in that conversation! When Lyle and I think back to that talk we have so much gratitude because it set us up for so much success in our early sex life! We are so grateful to both Alyn and AJ for the gift of that conversation! If you are about to get married, you MUST have this information!

- Lyle & Ally

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You may think getting a sex talk from your pastors would be awkward, but that’s only because you haven’t met Alyn and AJ. Alyn and AJ are two of our favorite teachers, for any season or topic of life — but we’re especially thankful that they’ve created a sorely needed, honest and practical teaching on sex. We left our time with Alyn & AJ more deeply connected and equipped with practical guidance. We were able to communicate confidently & have fun — a foundation we still enjoy today :)

- Blake & Alaina

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This pre-marriage sex talk was such a gift to us! Both of us grew up in church cultures where sex education really only consisted of body shaming and “kissing dating goodbye”. This course brought so much peace to us, and helped us approach our wedding night with excitement and no fear or anxiety! In addition to lots of helpful information (both scientific and biblical), Alyn & AJ are passionate about married people fully enjoying every gift of marriage without shame. They bridged a lot of gaps for us, and we’re sure this course will do the same for you!

- Matt & Tiphani

What will you learn?

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Alyn and AJ put us totally at ease in what could have felt like a very awkward conversation. They shared valuable information both from a scientific "here's how this works" and personal perspective. And without over-spiritualizing it, they also shared practical advice of how intimacy is an integral part of God's plan for marriage.

- Anthony and Laura

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Alyn and AJ gave us "the talk" for the first time a week before our wedding - and it set us off with more clarity and better expectations for how to start things off in our marriage. We found the practical tools the Joneses cover to be SO helpful. We highly recommend this course.

- Brennan & Betsy

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Alyn and AJ`s sex talk is THE must have talk when it comes to intimacy and marriage. We left feeling knowledgable and empowered. The information they provided helped us remain comfortable and confident even in the awkward and insecure moments of our Honeymoon. It’s made our start to a sex life way more fun and far less frustrating because of this teaching.

- Jesse & Charis

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a sex talk? How difficult can it be? We'll just figure it out.

We hear you. We thought the same. However, our experience as pastors tells us that many people are having terrible sex and it often started on their honeymoon. Don't let that be you! This course comes after years of walking people through disastrous honeymoon stories (including our own!) and is designed to set you up for success.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is for couples who are about to get married. We suggest couples watch this together no sooner than one week before their wedding day and will have 30 days to watch the videos from purchase.

Where did this course come from?

We’ve been pastors for nearly fifteen years. In that time we’ve led marriage preparation classes, performed many wedding ceremonies and done our fare share of marriage counseling. We’ve learned that one of the most helpful things a couple can have is a sex talk before they get married to set them up for success.

Ask any married couple and they’ll tell you that honeymoon sex is the worst sex you’ll have - we want to change that. We want to set you up for a great honeymoon and a great foundation that will lead to a healthy sex life as you grow together in marriage.

Is this a live class?

No. This is a pre-recorded series of lessons that you can watch at any time you wish. Once you purchase the course, you will have 30 days to watch the lessons. We recommend that you and your fiancé watch the classes together. Watch the first couple of sessions free to get a feel for the course.

What does the course cover?

We cover a lot. Where sex fits into marriage, the difference between men and women when it comes to relationships and sex. We provide a practical guide to the penis and vulva (and the vagina - and why they are different!). We’ll also give you a practical step by step plan for the wedding night and answer the most frequent questions we’ve been asked by couples who’ve taken this course. Finally we give you some homework to get rid of anything that could hinder great sex. Have a look at the course topics listed above to get an idea of the material that's discussed. It's pretty thorough.

We're already married. Would this course be helpful for us?

If you've been married for less than a year, you'll find this course helpful.

If you've been married longer than a year, we are in the process of producing our "Better Sex, Better Marriage" video course. This will be a very thorough class all about communication, romance, sex, intimacy and problem solving that will be more helpful (and is about 6 times longer!) We recommend you wait for that.

If you purchase this class, however, there will be a discounted price for the new class once it is released so you won’t miss out.

We’ve had sex before, do we really need this course?

Absolutely. AJ was married before she met Alyn and had the same question. We know it sounds crazy, but this sex talk isn’t solely about the mechanics of the deed, it’s also about the dynamics at work (both emotionally and spiritually) that make sex so powerful (or so damaging) in marriage.

If you’ve been sexually active before, you’ll definitely want to take care of some stuff that we talk about in our “cleaning up your past” section. We offer ministry and prayer to help set you up for success.

Is there a free trial?

You can watch the first two sessions for free (to give you an idea of who we are and what we're like) and while there's no free trial, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

What if we don't find this helpful?

You have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't find the information helpful let us know and your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Who are Alyn & AJ?

We are pastors in Franklin, TN. We help lead Grace Center, a nondenominational church, where we’ve been on staff since 2009. We have three children, host a podcast and teach regularly at the School of Supernatural Life.

Do I have to be a Christian to watch the teachings?

Not at all. As Christian Pastors, we teach on the topic of sex and marriage from a Christian view point using the Bible as our moral compass but you don’t have to share our views for this talk to be helpful.